How to Define Spirituality

If you’ve everĀ told someone “I’m really more of a spiritual person than religious” and then NOT known what to say when they ask “What does that mean?” then you’ll love this episode of the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness with myself and Audrey Christie. P.S. It’s pretty damn funny.

Get Yourself Unstuck, Part 2

In this “Get Yourself Unstuck” conclusion, discover quick, powerful methods for moving forward.

A Spiritual Look at Birthdays

Whether you love celebrating another birthday or not, you’re sure to love this enlightening look at birthdays from a spiritual perspective. Now close your eyes and make a wish!

Get Yourself Unstuck, Part 1 of 2

What causes us to get stuck and how can we recognize it quickly so we can move forward and break out of a rut? Find out in this info-packed installment.

Ground Thyself, Part 2

Remember awhile back we looked at grounding your energy? Well, in this episode of the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness, Audrey Christie joins me to share some specific methods for grounding yourself. Enjoy!