Get Clear. Get Results. (TM)

Enjoy this interview from the archives: Consciously Speaking host Michael Neeley interviews Amy Scott Grant about what it means to get clear and get results. Here we explore the effects of profound clarity, powerful clearing work, permanence, and results. To view the full description on Michael’s site, click here.

Intuitive Gift Giving

Want to be that person that always knows just what to give as a gift? Here’s four simple steps to give better gifts by tapping into your intuition.

Are You Taking Care of Your Spiritual Hygiene?

In this hilarious installment, we’ll explore “spiritual hygiene” and how you can keep yours in tip top shape. Don’t miss!

Are You Resistant to Gratitude?

Sick of hearing about gratitude? I get it! But what happens if you have hidden resistance to giving and/or receiving gratitude? Find out if you have blocks around gratitude and open up to give and receive heartfelt thanks with this BONUS clearing. Enjoy!

Addictions, Attractions, and Sensitivities

Enjoy a deep dive into this controversial topic of addictions, irresistible attractions, and sensitivities. Listen and learn the truth as Michael Neeley of Consciously Speaking interviews me on spiritual and energy-based healing of addictions and sensitivities, including food, sugar, alcohol, addictive relationships and behaviors, and more. Here’s where the episode originally appeared on Michael’s website.

Jealousy and Envy

Are you suppressing jealousy? Do you find yourself subjected to jealousy and envy from others? Dive into this episode with me and we’ll look at where jealousy stems from and how to resolve it. Enjoy!

Afraid of the Dark?

With Halloween approaching, parents, kids, and adults alike are sure to enjoy this abbreviated AmyTalks episode which features a BONUS audio clearing around fear of the dark. Now turn on the lights and turn up your speakers…

How to Open Your Third Eye

In this hilarious installment of the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness, Amy Scott Grant and Audrey Christie McLaughlin share easy tips and tricks to open your third eye and expand your intuition.

How to Resolve Anxiety

If you or someone you care about suffers from anxiety, here’s a spiritual perspective on what anxiety is, where it comes from, and how it can be resolved. NOTE: this is spiritual–not medical–advice. I am not a healthcare professional, and it is up to you to get informed and take control of your health and well-being.