Spiritual Teams

What are “spiritual teams,” what can you use them for, and why are they beneficial? The Spiritual Ass Kicker spills all…

Suppressed Anger

Find out if you have a “default emotion” setting (about 40% of people do) and discover where suppressed anger comes from (and what you can do about it). Includes a new energy clearing around anger from Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant. Awesome!

Road Rage

What’s the spiritual side of road rage? Where does it come from, who is affected, what’s the energy behind it, and what can you do about it? Find out how to resolve road rage with Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant.

External Aesthetics

Did you know the way you present yourself to the world is a source of power and confidence? Find out why people judge you by appearances and how the way you look affects you spiritually and energetically. With Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant.

Your Inner Child

If you’re not getting what you want in life right now, it could be because your inner child is acting out. Find out what you need to know to connect with this unpredictable (and often amusing) essential part of you – with Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant.

Spirituality and Debt

Ever wonder what the Universe thinks about debt? But that’s not nearly as important as what you think about it. Get enlightened about debt now with Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant.

Spirituality and Hoarding

Find out why hoarding happens and why you yourself may be stashing a whole lot of this or that. Learn the three underlying spiritual reasons for hoarding, how to get to the bottom of it and clear the clutter with Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant.

What’s the Deal with Destiny?

What is destiny? Is it real, and if so, how does free will factor in? Do I need to find my destiny? What happens if I don’t figure out my destiny? What is the meaning of life? Discover the questions — and answers — people have been discussing for centuries.


Do you hear the Darth Vader theme song in your head right now? Daa daa daa dah da dah da da daaaa. Listen as Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant delves deep into authority issues. What is authority, where does it come from, and how can you harness it?

Intention or Intuition?

A burning question from a listener prompts this mind-bending koan discussion from Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant. Listen closely for a special “jedi mind trick” you can put to work for yourself starting as early as tonight.