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  • Day 32 of 45: The Ups and Downs

    Today is a bit of an up and down, but the more we connect with God, the easier it is to take the downs in stride. What if the purpose of 2021 was to help you learn not to emotionally crash when transitioning from a high high to a low low? Check it out.

  • Day 31 of 45: Today’s Wisdom

    Here’s two slices from today’s wisdom pie. Mmmm yummy, enjoy! And if you’re on Telegram, you can join us by clicking here.

  • Day 29 of 45: The Source of True Protection

    Lately you might be feeling like you need some energetic protection from one thing or another, and that’s perfectly understandable. We all want to feel safe, and if this past year has taught us anything, it’s that we have very different, and very personalized, definitions of what it means to feel “safe.” So before you […]

  • Day 28 of 45: Take a Leap

    You could call today’s audio a reminder, a push, a message of encouragement, or a spiritual ass-kicking. For sure, we light a fire… so this one is short and sweet, but don’t skip it! You are here now for a reason….

  • Day 27 of 45: When You Were Small

    What did you love to do as a child that you haven’t done in a really long time? Your inner child wants to play today, and before you say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t feel like it,” keep in mind that 20 mins is enough to satisfy her for a very long while! […]

  • Day 26 of 45: LISTEN… do you want to know a secret (oooo ahh oooo)…

    In this installment, we look specifically at how to know what to do, and where to find the answers to what you want to know today. This was first posted on Telegram, which you can join (free) here.

  • Day 25 of 45: It’s All Around You

    Day 25 of 45: It’s All Around You

    Today’s audio message was recorded inside our Telegram group, which you can join for free (easy! free! private!) by clicking here. This message is all about WHAT exists all around you and within you. You can hear the full 5-minute audio by clicking here.

  • Day 24 of 45: Card Pull for you

    Day 24 of 45: Card Pull for you

    For today’s AmyTalks installment, I did a card pull for you. Have a listen to the explanation – if you are reading this now, then this message feels very timely for where you are in your life today! Join me on Telegram here.

  • Day 23 of 45: Your Body Is Speaking to You

    Hey we are now halfway through our 45 consecutive AmyTalks and here’s a short and sweet audio because your body is speaking to you (are you listening)? This was recorded only on Telegram, so you can access the audio by clicking here. Are you in our Telegram group? Join me here.

  • Day 22 of 45: Prayer for Abundance

    Today I read for you a brief excerpt from Tosha Silver’s book “Change Me Prayers.” It has helped me as well as numerous clients of mine who I’ve referred to her book “It’s Not Your Money.” I hope that hearing this prayer benefits you in becoming more abundant and open to receive. See you on […]