Day 21 of 45: Grounding Through Connection

Feeling weird? You’re not alone! Just think: the individuals you are thinking about are also thinking about you. Why not reach out today? And in this audio, I’ll share with you what to do if that conversation goes awry. Have a listen and then come join the conversation on Telegram by clicking here.

Ground Thyself, Part 2

Remember awhile back we looked at grounding your energy? Well, in this episode of the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness, Audrey Christie joins me to share some specific methods for grounding yourself. Enjoy!

Ground Thyself! A Sampler

Check out another sample of my new Radio Show with Whole Being RN Audrey Christie McLaughlin. Here we’ll give you someĀ easy ways to ground your energy so you canĀ feel more stable and centered. Enjoy!