Day 10 of 45: What April Brings

Today we’re talking about how to move things forward, bold steps vs. stupid steps, how to get clear about what you want, the nature of April 2021, plus a couple of updates for our regulars. Here’s where you can join me daily on Telegram. Enjoy!

Day 8 of 45 AmyTalks: How to Move Life Forward

Feeling stuck? If so, this is the perfect talk for you today because we jump into how to move life forward…starting NOW! This one’s just about 14 mins long. Hey come join us on Telegram, the party’s just getting warmed up there…

:: Amy TALKS :: Convergence of Energy

Here’s your latest “State of the Universe” address – and here’s what’s happening with the energy right now and why things feel as though they’re converging. Enjoy!

the Power of Intention with Special Guest Granny G

What is intention? Why does it matter if you set intentions or not? How can you use intention setting to your benefit and what does that look like in real life? What are the caveats of setting intentions? Discover this and more when the Spiritual Ass Kicker interviews Granny G.

HHUA: Spiritually Constipated?

WARNING: Contains explicit language. Audrey Christie was in a self-professed crabby mood and she dropped the F-bomb a few times. When we checked in, it wasn’t optimal to edit that stuff out, so…consider yourself forewarned. NSFW. Not to mention the excessive use of bathroom humor (come on, what did you expect when the topic is “Spiritual Constipation”?) Your fourth grader shouldn’t listen to this, but will think it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Get Yourself Unstuck, Part 2

In this “Get Yourself Unstuck” conclusion, discover quick, powerful methods for moving forward.

Get Yourself Unstuck, Part 1 of 2

What causes us to get stuck and how can we recognize it quickly so we can move forward and break out of a rut? Find out in this info-packed installment.