Intuitive Gift Giving

Want to be that person that always knows just what to give as a gift? Here’s four simple steps to give better gifts by tapping into your intuition.

How to Open Your Third Eye

In this hilarious installment of the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness, Amy Scott Grant and Audrey Christie McLaughlin share easy tips and tricks to open your third eye and expand your intuition.

How to Trust Yourself, Part 2

In part 2 of this power-packed duo, you’ll discover specific ways to feed self-trust while starving self-doubt. Enjoy!

How to Trust Yourself, Part 1

Struggling with self-doubt? Find out how to trust yourself with these easy, powerful tips.

To Speak or Not to Speak?

At some point every intuitive/empath has to face this question. You receive some sensitive information for someone, but should you tell them, or keep quiet? Find out how to know for sure in this segment from the Spiritual Ass Kicker.

Intention or Intuition?

A burning question from a listener prompts this mind-bending koan discussion from Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant. Listen closely for a special “jedi mind trick” you can put to work for yourself starting as early as tonight.