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  • Day 28 of 45: Take a Leap

    You could call today’s audio a reminder, a push, a message of encouragement, or a spiritual ass-kicking. For sure, we light a fire… so this one is short and sweet, but don’t skip it! You are here now for a reason….

  • Day 25 of 45: It’s All Around You

    Day 25 of 45: It’s All Around You

    Today’s audio message was recorded inside our Telegram group, which you can join for free (easy! free! private!) by clicking here. This message is all about WHAT exists all around you and within you. You can hear the full 5-minute audio by clicking here.

  • Day 20 of 45: Financial Healing

    Here’s a short but powerful energy clearing around money, finances, and whatever $$ seems to be concerning you at the moment. Please enjoy and share! And join us on Telegram for free, private connection with like minded folks. Click here to join now.

  • Day 18 of 45: Twinflames

    In this installment, we explore twinflames: what are they, why do they exist, where do they come from, why do they bring so much pain along with joy, can we get out of them, how do we live with them, and what’s the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?

  • Day 17 of 45: Ego Truths & Self-Trust

    Do you find it difficult to trust yourself? Do you have false beliefs about the nature and purpose of your Ego? Let’s set the record straight with this important topic so you can be more confident in your decisions and learn to trust yourself more. This will create much more peace in your life. Join […]

  • Day 15 of 45: Consider the Source

    WOW! Just all kinds of wisdom in today’s audio – turning a negative into a positive, and reframing perspective all over the place. You are gonna love this one! Get even more on Telegram on my channel here.

  • Day 11 of 45: A 4-min Feel Good Boost

    This was recorded on Good Friday of 2021 and contains a short and special message for you that is sure to boost your spirits and improve your day. Enjoy!

  • Day 6 of 45: Harnessing Today’s Full Moon Energy

    Today’s talk is short and sweet like me (this one’s about 7 mins long) and it’s all about TODAY’S full moon energy and how you can maximize and harness that energy today. Have a quick listen now, you’ll love it! And come join us on Telegram here.

  • Day 5 of 45 AmyTalks: When You’re Not on the Same Page

    In this audio, we kind of dive deep into relationships (not just romantic but all kinds, including relationships with friends, coworkers, boss, family members, children, clients, etc.) and specifically, we look at what to do when you’re just not on the same page with someone else in your life. This is an issue that a […]

  • Day 4 of 45 AmyTalks: Energy and Speed

    You may have noticed energy is really shifting lately and in some cases, things are moving forward with alarming speed. Here‚Äôs how you can best handle it and what to do next to take advantage of forward momentum of energy and the shifts toward 5D ascension.¬†8 1/2 minutes. Hey are you on Telegram? Well, I […]