Day 25 of 45: It’s All Around You

Today’s audio message was recorded inside our Telegram group, which you can join for free (easy! free! private!) by clicking here. This message is all about WHAT exists all around you and within you. You can hear the full 5-minute audio by clicking here.

Day 24 of 45: Card Pull for you

For today’s AmyTalks installment, I did a card pull for you. Have a listen to the explanation – if you are reading this now, then this message feels very timely for where you are in your life today! Join me on Telegram here.

Day 18 of 45: Twinflames

In this installment, we explore twinflames: what are they, why do they exist, where do they come from, why do they bring so much pain along with joy, can we get out of them, how do we live with them, and what’s the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?

Day 15 of 45: Consider the Source

WOW! Just all kinds of wisdom in today’s audio – turning a negative into a positive, and reframing perspective all over the place. You are gonna love this one! Get even more on Telegram on my channel here.

Day 14 of 45: Message from a Cloud

This is a very cool message I got for you… from all places, the message came from a CLOUD! But sadly, you can only hear it on my Telegram channel (because that’s where I recorded it, and for some reason I can’t get it from there to here.) Click here to join me on Telegram (it’s free… it’s easy… it’s private) and hear this very interesting message!

Day 13 of 45: A Message for You

Happy Easter! Here is a very short (4 mins) message that I received especially for you today. Don’t worry if you’re listening to this on a different date… if you’re here, then this is exactly what there is for you to hear today. No matter what… you are loved. Enjoy!

Day 12 of 45: Lighter and Higher

Decoding the code; a message of hope; how the energy is shifting. Join the conversation on Telegram here.

Day 10 of 45: What April Brings

Today we’re talking about how to move things forward, bold steps vs. stupid steps, how to get clear about what you want, the nature of April 2021, plus a couple of updates for our regulars. Here’s where you can join me daily on Telegram. Enjoy!

The Truth about Joy

Did you know that your body, mind, and emotions react differently to JOY as compared to HAPPINESS? Here’s why it happens, what it means, and how you can access more happiness, more quickly with these few simple tips. Enjoy – and check it out – the word joy is right there in ENJOY!

:: Amy TALKS :: Here’s a reading from Annabel the Lost

Hi there! I thought you might enjoy a brief reading from my latest book and first novel, Annabel the Lost. This is just the first 9 pages, let me know what you think and if you enjoy what you hear so far, you can click here to get your copy on Amazon.