Day 12 of 45: Lighter and Higher

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:: Amy TALKS :: Convergence of Energy

Here’s your latest “State of the Universe” address – and here’s what’s happening with the energy right now and why things feel as though they’re converging. Enjoy!

the Power of Intention with Special Guest Granny G

What is intention? Why does it matter if you set intentions or not? How can you use intention setting to your benefit and what does that look like in real life? What are the caveats of setting intentions? Discover this and more when the Spiritual Ass Kicker interviews Granny G.

Master the Work-Life Balancing Act

As we kick off a new year, “work life balance” is likely among your intentions and resolutions. In this insightful radio interview by Michael Neeley of Consciously Speaking, Amy explains how to be happier by consciously and easily creating more balance in your life. Learn to approach balance from a mindful state and quickly recognize (and rectify!) when you’re out of balance. This original interview appeared here on Michael’s website.


Get Clear. Get Results. (TM)

Enjoy this interview from the archives: Consciously Speaking host Michael Neeley interviews Amy Scott Grant about what it means to get clear and get results. Here we explore the effects of profound clarity, powerful clearing work, permanence, and results. To view the full description on Michael’s site, click here.

Are You Taking Care of Your Spiritual Hygiene?

In this hilarious installment, we’ll explore “spiritual hygiene” and how you can keep yours in tip top shape. Don’t miss!

Jealousy and Envy

Are you suppressing jealousy? Do you find yourself subjected to jealousy and envy from others? Dive into this episode with me and we’ll look at where jealousy stems from and how to resolve it. Enjoy!

A Spiritual Perspective on Terrorism and Terrible Acts

Audrey Christie and I recorded this episode shortly after the Orlando nightclub shootings…and it seems even more timely today, after last night’s devastating police officer shootings in Dallas. This is a sensitive yet very important topic, which many spiritual and metaphysical folks have trouble making sense of and coping with. So while this episode is unlikely to make you laugh, we feel very strongly that you will find benefit and comfort in hearing it. Plus we included a clearing for peace which is of great benefit to our world. Blessings and we welcome your feedback.

The Real Impact of Politics on Your Life

There’s a LOT of talk right now about the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. But you might be surprised to learn that the outcome of this election will have very little impact on your life (unless you work at the White House). Check out this 10-minute(ish) sample of my brand new show, the Half Hour of Universal Awesomeness (featuring yours truly plus Whole Being RN Audrey Christie McLaughlin). To join the Club and get full access, click here.

Suppressed Anger

Find out if you have a “default emotion” setting (about 40% of people do) and discover where suppressed anger comes from (and what you can do about it). Includes a new energy clearing around anger from Spiritual Ass Kicker Amy Scott Grant. Awesome!